9 best places in Lviv, Ukraine
that only locals know about

9 best places of LVIV, UKRAINE
that only locals know about

Lviv, one of the most historical and beautiful cities of Ukraine, is a magnet for tourists.
And even though there are a lot of popular places to explore, we offer you search for some hidden jams of the city, from the local perspective.

1. Soviet factory occupied by artists

Mira Bachkur in her art studio in "Rema". A picture by Marta Syrko.
Soviet factory which produces radio-electronic medical staff, called “Rema”

Ukrainians have the big leftover from the Soviet times, for instance, lot’s of empty spaces like big factories which used to work a few decades ago. One of these spaces is the factory which produces radio-electronic medical staff, called “Rema”.
This huge place is now totally occupied by young initiative people — there is a theatre on the top floor, the meditation centre, huge photography studio and even a small bakery!

2. Magnificent view from Citadell Inn-hotel

The view of Lviv from "Citadel Inn Hotel"

If you’re searching for a great view of Lviv but off the beaten track, I would definitely recommend you to move up the hill and observe the magic of Lviv from the Citadel Inn-hotel viewing platform. It’s opened not only for hotel residents but also for normal visitors for free.

3. "Sztuka" coffee place since 1909

Authentic coffee place which is older than 110 years
"Dzvinok" is a Ukrainian newspaper from 1903
Choice of desserts
Dishes of Galicia from the beginning of 20-th century

“Sztuka” (which meant art in Polish) is a unique cafe in Lviv which was opened in 1909. Not only you can dive into the mysterious spirit of the city, but also read some authentic newspapers dating back to 1933. Sztuka can also be a good spot for musicians — there is an old piano in the middle of the place.

4. The bald mountain

Picture credit - lviv.com

There is a mountainous place in Lviv, Ukraine which is perfect for sipping vine in summertime.
It’s not touristic, so usually, you can enjoy the nature and silence….right in the centre of Lviv.
Do you search for a nice view to be romantic and enjoy life in Lviv? Go for the Bald Mountain!

5. Old tram depo art-space

Tram depo from the outside
Lviv MozArt festival inside

As you might have understood, Lviv is a very artistic place.
So even the old Soviet tram depo can become a platform for performances and exhibitions.
The festival of classical music LvivMozart was held at the tram depo.
It is planned to become a museum of “Science and Technics” in future.

6. Modern district of Sykhiv

Lviv is not just historical buildings and the old city center.
Most of the locals inhabited the modern of Sykhiv – a space which has an industrial vibe.
You can take a tram №8 and explore the modern area with it’s fast rhythm of life.

7. Hidden cafe "Living room"

The “Living room” cafe is not easy to find.
You won’t even see the nameplate.
It is hidden in one of the old Austrian Houses built in 1906 on Bogomoltsia street. Right next to the cafe is a Center for Urban History of East Central Europe.

In the “Living room” cafe, I can recommend trying hot chocolate and some pastry. It’s delicious!

8. Jewish-ghetto museum

Did you know that Lviv had the largest ghetto in the Soviet Union? It was created in the poorest district of Lviv and occupies the territory of Zamarstinov and Kleparov. Jewish ghetto lasted from November 1941 to June 1943. In total, during the entire occupation period, 138,700 Jews were kept there.

Now you are able to visit the museum of Jewish heritage called “Territory Terror”. It’s a horrifying place not far from the city centre.

9. Abandoned Polish Theatre inside of the normal building

There are many people who know about the Lviv Opera Theatre, but only a few are familiar with the history of a tiny theatre opened in 1911. This building used to gather the Fiction-enthusiasts called “Hades”. In 1913 a new “Small Theatre” settled in the building and gave popular performances at the time.

The art spot was closed with the beginning of First World War.

And despite that there are no performances anymore, you can visit the usual building which holds the memory of old times and dive into 100-year-old theatre spirit.

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  1. Awesome! I want to visit all of them! 🙂

    1. You should! 🙂

  2. This article is showing many different views of Lviv . Some places I’ve visited just from outside , but never realized there are treasures inside ….. THANK YOU , IRYNA ….. There are so many things to see and places to visit in the city Lviv …..

    1. Bryne, I am very glad you’ve found some new places to visit! 🙂

  3. Thank you Iryna,I’m flying to Lviv today so I can visit some of the places you recommended.
    Really helpful

    1. You’re most welcome!

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