9 types of people
who can fall in love
with Rome, Italy

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By Iryna Yaminska

Have you ever thought about why so many people want to visit Rome?
The strange thing is, though, that many of those want to come back and stay for longer…
So, what kind of people can fall in love with the appealing historical Italian capital?
 Do you think you might be one of those, who would fall in love with Rome, even from the first sight?

1. Art addicts

Do you feel like you cannot imagine your life without creating for a day? Do colorful paintings and skin textures steal your attention? Are you a regular theatre visitor or you appreciate the way people slowly change their emotions on their interesting faces? Rome will absorb you with the art vibe the city offers. Countless art exhibitions, emotional locals and the taste of creation just cannot help inspiring wanderers from all around the world.

Mural In Sistine Chapel

2. Demanding foodies

Carbonara or pasta con pesto? Olivas with chicken or spinachina? Mozzarella or parmesan? If you not only know the meaning of all those delicious words, but also know which food choice is better, you have to immediately pack your bags and take a one-way ticket to Rome. Italians are famous for their cuisine creations, and keep making the world hungry for their food. Foodies are most welcome to visit the Roman capital. Just don’t drink cappuccino with lasagna and don’t add parmesan to fish!

Pasta alla Carbonara

3. Girls, who look for ONLY handsome guys

Guys, you can skip this paragraph. Girls, if you’re reading this and you plan to visit Rome, please, be careful! Italian (especially Roman) man are very… very… handsome. Imagine a place, where you can find guys with perfectly clean shoes which fit the watch and the colour of the fresh shirt. A spot, full of tempting smells and sparkling eyes…. City, where you see one handsome man after another. Be careful, because it’s easy to fall after one of those wonderful strangers.

4. Fashion is your profession

And not only boys here who care about looking fashionable and fresh! Italians as a nation are all about style. Their clothes are always fresh and sophisticated. You want to update your vision about the latest fashion trends? Just visit Rome! You’ll throw away all your outdated clothes when you come back…

5. History Wikipedia

Do you know who was the first Imperator of the Roman Empire? And what about the last one? If you can answer the question about what’s the difference between Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus and Nero Claudius Caesar Drusus Germanicus you might have to visit one of the most historical and well-preserved places of the world. When you walk throng the ruins of the Roman empire, the feeling that you’re part of the story and that in this place Augustus was born cannot leave you. Hey you, history maniac, go explore!

Roman Colosseum

6. Yes, I am religious and I know it

Did you know that going to the centre of Rome and entering one of the fabulous churches, you can end up entering another country? The Vatican is famous to be one of the smallest countries in the world. It’s a very spiritual and religious place, mostly full of traditional Christian cathedrals and popes. It’s a heaven on the Earth for faithful people. A must see.

7. It's too cold for me in my country

If you got fed up by rain, snow, storms, thunders, cold wind…etc. it would be a shame not to visit one of the sunniest capitals of Europe. It’s not too cold in the winter, nor not Iraqi hot in the summer — a good place for people who love to sunbathe.

8. Cosmopolitan futurist

If you don’t feel like a person of one culture, if you search for a place, where a lot of foreigners live together, maybe you should think about the capital of Italy. Note, that Italians are conservative yet very warm and friendly (and so emotional!) people. As for me, a blonde Ukrainian girl, I felt very welcomed in this, still, international place. And wouldn’t mind staying for a while!

9. Wild motocyclist

The last type of potential Rome-addicts is my favourite one. Why? Because I 100% belong to the category of people who feel fulfilled and alive after one adventurous motorbike ride. The Italian capital is full of bikers, and the atmosphere of adventure and freedom is in the air. You in Rome? Put some wind in your hair, take a motorbike ride!

Streets of Rome are full of motorbikes

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